Founded in 2020, Pocca is a practical research office dedicated to visual narratives and brand cultivation based in Shanghai. 

We are passionate to bring intangible concepts and ideas to life by dealing with information, emotions, facts, and desires to create authentic, aesthetic, and unique stuff in various forms.

We are neither a branding agency nor just a graphic design studio. We help design-conscious commissioners, who have desire and courage to make authentic uniqueness and cultural impact, to transform their chaotic status quo into clear and enduring episodes. We also focus on visual culture in cross-cultural contexts through self-driven research and projects.






Pocca Design




306, Anken Australia House, 80 Pingwu Road, Changning, Shanghai


– Visual Identity System Design
– Poster Design
– Key Visual Design for Events
– Typography & Type Design
– Art Direction
– Packaging Design
– Environmental Graphics
– Editorial & Book Design
– Digital Design
– Motion Graphics
– Curating & Exhibition Design

– Business Strategy
– Business Innovation Insight
– Employee Branding Strategy
– Product Strength Insight
– Product Strategy
– User & Consumer Research
– Brand Positioning
– Brand Strategy
– Brand Concept Direction
– Content Strategy
– Visual Narrative Strategy
– Brand Growth Management


– Exclusive interview / Art Growth by ArtJanus / 2023
– Podcast interview / Beihai Police / 2023
– Featured / Eye Magazine / 2023
– Exclusive interview / The Brand Identity (T-BI) / 2022
– Featured / World Brand Design Society / 2022
– Featured/ PRINT Magazine /  2021
– Exclusive interview / Arphic Type Design Dialogue / 2021
– Interview / HiiiBrand Award / 2021
– Exclusive interview / Design360° – 47° / 2021
EAT & GO 2, Publisher: Sandu, China
Bi-Scriptual Typography and Graphic Design with Multiple Script Systerms, Publisher: Niggli, Switzerland
EKOO 300—China Creative & Design Power, Publisher: CITIC Press
Los Logos 8, Publisher: Gestalten, Germany
Hanzi Hanja Kanji, Publisher: Victionary, Hong Kong


– Selected and Exhibited in The 11th China International Poster Biennial
– Featured and Exhibited in Award 360° 2023 Festival
– Exhibitied in UNFOLD 2023 Shanghai Art Book Fair
 The 4th Roquette Innovation Forum, Speaker
2023 ADM Asia Design Management Forum, Brand Design Section, Panelist
– Visual Identity: Visual Strategy Lecture Series, Speaker and Critic, China Academy of Art

– Exhibited in Unseen Amsterdam Photography Fair
– Exhibited in Photobook Festival New Zealand

– Featured in 2021 Shanghai Design Invitation Exhibition Field Poster Exhibition
– Exhibited in UNFOLD 2021 Shanghai Art Book Fair
Sean Hogan: 30 Works 2014–2020, Curating and Publishing
Short Sentence Episode 03 Distance x Design, Guest Speaker
FASHION ZOO Everyday Now Everyday Future, Guest Artist
FASHION ZOO 50x50 NEW BORN, Guest Artist
– Exhibited in UNFOLD 2020 Shanghai Art Book Fair
Catherine Griffiths: SOLO IN [  ] SPACE – A Documentation, Curating, Editing, Design, and Publishing

Red Dots Award Shanghai Exhibition, Guest Speaker
Catherine Griffiths: SOLO IN [  ] SPACE, Curating, Producing, and Design
Energizing the Future EXPO 2017 Astana Exhibition, Guest Speaker
– Featured in Energizing the Future EXPO 2017 Astana Exhibition
– Featured in The 3rd China Design Exhibition


– Norman Walsh
– Stepper Custom-Made
– Blu Mali
– Sounder Wang
– UE
– Bixdo
– DULi
– Sunniside
– Cohost
– Dream Center West Bund
– Gree Real Estate
– Meta Media
– Fangda Partners
– CITIC Bank
– MagValley

– Intalight
– Roquette
– Neurophth
– Fang’Guang
– Shanghai Brand
– Joyland Spirits
– Design Society
– Pilar Corrias
– Shanghai Institute of Visual Art


Zhihua Duan (Founding Partner / Design Principal)

Duan shaped his profession via Shanghai, Melbourne, and Porto. His works have been exhibited in Shanghai, Beijing, New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Berlin, Melbourne, Vilnius, and Moscow, and featured in some professional publications from globally renowned art publishers. He is a member of Australia Graphic Design Association, The Typography Director Club New York, Shenzhen Graphic Designer Association, and The Typographic Circle (UK), and was nominated for the 2021 Australia China Alumni Award for Arts & Creative Industries.

Duan holds an MDes in Design from Monash University Art Design & Architecture (Australia), and a BA in Visual Communication Design from Shanghai Institute of Visual Art (China). He received a Certificate of Artist Book Training from RMIT University (Australia) and a Certificate of Editorial Design from Porto Design Summer School 2017 (Portugal).

Jiacheng Zhang (Founding Partner / Strategy Principal)

Prior to co-founded Pocca, Jiacheng once worked as a Strategy Researcher and Project Manager in a well-known interdisciplinary design agency in Shanghai; as a Brand Director in a smart hardware company; as a Brand Strategy Director, providing strategic research and brand architecture for both Chinese and Western brands, in one of the largest branding agency in China. He is also a licensed professional psychological counselor. 

He has more than 10 years of practical experience in the consulting field of strategic research, analysis, and positioning for different types of companies and brands, including revitalization for existing corporations and brand construction for start-ups. He focuses on applying integrated thinking to business analysis, market research, and user and consumer research into business design and brand cultivation.


Qiuting Yu (Designer)

Qiuting holds a Master's degree in Graphic Brand Design from the University of the Arts London and a Bachelor's degree in Media and Communication Design from Donghua University. Prior to joining Pocca, she gained design experience working with advertising agencies and brands in London and Shanghai. With a passion for design, she explored solutions to diverse problems in different types of projects.

Keyun Wang (Designer)

Keyun graduated from York University in Toronto, Canada where she majored in graphic design. She is a talented designer who excels at combining rational logic and perceptual aesthetics. She practices with diverse media: graphic design, 3D rendering, and motion graphics to create unique visual identities and visual communication solutions that fit the context of each project.

Emily Zhao (Designer & UX Researcher)

Emily is an experienced designer who holds a Master degree in Interaction Design from Pratt Institute in New York. Prior to joining Pocca, she had worked in various institutions and companies in the US and China, including Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator, Daily Mail (NYC Office), Wix Academy, and Tang UX. Emily is skilled in teaching information visualization and UX design and excels in creativity and exploring design performance that provide high-quality online and offline experiences.

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