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You can have a brief overview of who we are and what we do via our WeChat article or email us directly to request our portfolio.

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Address ︎︎︎ 上海市 长宁区 平武路 80 号 306
306, 80 Pingwu Road, Changning, Shanghai, 200052

Pocca is a Shanghai-based design studio that focuses on branding and visual communication design working with design-conscious commissioners to transform chaotic surroundings into long-lasting and charming episodes. Meanwhile, we also focus on self-driven projects and research with cross-culture visual aesthetics.

Pocca 是一间位于上海的设计工作室,拥有来自澳大利亚、美国和中国的学术与实践背景,我们为具有设计意识的委托方通过沟通策略、品牌识别与视觉传达设计将混沌的信息环境转变为清晰且具有吸引力的插曲。同时,我们也关注跨文化语境下的视觉美学和相关范围内的研究与创作。