受广燊行文化的邀请,将中国经典传统文化中的浪漫主义代表作《牡丹亭》通过设计打造成能够与年轻世代对话的时尚 IP 品牌。在设计中,将最能够代表中国文化的抽象元素“汉字”作为设计的核心,参考长久以来牡丹亭剧目与文学著作中使用过的书法造型,结合现代的美学与造型规则,为品牌定制了颇具识别度的又有别于传统的字型标识,以传递出魂牵梦萦的韵味。同时,在标识的基础上又延展出简约且灵活可变的系统,以满足品牌在未来面临的线上线下传播、产品销售、IP授权等多场景的应用需求。
Visual Identity, Art Direction, Copywriting, Typography

We were invited by Guang Shen Xing Culture to create a fashion IP brand that speaks to the younger generation through the design of "The Peony Pavilion", a masterpiece of romanticism in classic Chinese traditional culture. The abstract element "Chinese characters", the most representative of Chinese culture, was taken as the core of the design, and the calligraphic shapes used in the Peony Pavilion plays and literary works for a long time were referred to. The brand's logo is a unique and distinctive character that conveys a haunting rhythm. At the same time, a simple and flexible system was extended on the basis of the logo to meet the future needs of the brand in multiple scenarios such as online and offline communication, product sales and IP licensing.

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