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SOUPOTER 汤亭长是一间位于无锡的以“中式时令汤品”为核心的餐饮零售新品牌,目标随着不同的季节提供通过时令食材搭配料理的中式汤品,并通过简约的方式呈现,满足当代生活中人们对喝一碗好汤的需求。

“亭长”一词本是古时差职,指代在亭之下负责守护一街黎民生活的人。我们用亭长命名汤的品牌,既希望能用好汤温润你的身心,仿佛一位小小而普通的亭长去照顾你的生活。也是希望给你提供一间可以休憩的亭子,能给你的生活遮点小风挡点小雨,能让你累了倦了回到亭下,还有碗热汤。 整个品牌的标识设计亦传达了品牌的这一理念,用中英文品牌名称呈现T字的稳固结构,代表汤(Tang),代表亭(Ting),更代表时间(Time)。而T的结构正是象形文字亭的最初写法,也传递了亭的本意,一个可以向人提供温暖与保护的稳定之地。
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SOUPOTER 汤亭长 is a new canteen brand that focuses on supply high-quality Chinese soup with the seasonal ingredients. The term Ting Zhang(亭长) in Chinese, which means minor official of a pavilion, was originally a post in ancient times, referring to the person under the pavilion who was responsible for guarding the lives of the people in the street. We name the brand with this word, as we hope the soup could warm your body and mind, as if a small and ordinary pavilion takes care of your life on the road. We also hope to provide you with a pavilion where you can rest, which can shield your life from a little wind and rain, and there is a bowl of hot soup. The visual identity also conveys this brand concept, using a lockup to combine the Chinese and English name together to present a solid structure of T, representing Tang(soup), Ting(pavilion), and Time. The structure of T is the original writing of the hieroglyphic pavilion, and it also conveys the original intention of the pavilion, a stable place that can provide people with warmth and protection.

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