SOUNDER WANG 是由首饰设计师王淞于2018年在伦敦成立的独立原创品牌。品牌希望以生活观察者的角度,透过设计产生对首饰制作的形式、材质与过程的思考,发现个人与所处环境之间的细腻关系,让佩戴者产生不同的新体验。我们为品牌进行了完整的品牌唤新工作,包括定制的英文字型标识、新增辅助识别的“O”字型符号、确定渐变的蓝紫色为品牌的识别色,并以此构建出整套文字编排与画面构成规则,同时为品牌统一并更新了全套包装设计与电商页面设计。
Brand Refresh, Visual Identity, Packaging Design, Art Direction, E-Marketing Design

SOUNDER WANG is an independent original brand established by jewelry designer Wang Song in London in 2018. The brand hopes to generate thoughts on the form, material and process of jewelry making through design from the perspective of a life observer, and to discover the delicate relationship between individuals and their environment, so that the wearer can have a different and new experience. We conducted a complete branding exercise for the brand, including a customized English font logo, a new "O" symbol for identification, a gradient blue and purple as the brand's identity color, and a complete set of text layout and image composition rules, as well as a complete set of packaging design and e-commerce page design for the brand.

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