2019年10月由我们策划并制作的展览 »凯瑟琳·格里菲斯 : 场域间的独奏« 在上海的 The Space Gallery 展出,展览是为国际著名新西兰文字设计师及艺术家 Catherine Griffiths 策划的中国首展。作为一次难得的以设计师的创作过程而非创作结果为主轴和线索的展览,以及由丰富的工作内容和文字及图像档案辅以最终作品呈现的可供参观者阅读的语境化或叙述性空间,它得到了专业内外很多观众的喜爱,也让这位身处“世界边缘”的著名设计师进入更多中国观众的视野,并为文字设计领域带来不一样的参考视角。

经过展览 »凯瑟琳·格里菲斯 : 场域间的独奏« 结束后两年间的发酵与数月的紧张编辑和设计工作,在展览两周年之际,由 Pocca 推出了这本《»凯瑟琳·格里菲斯 :场域间的独奏« ——档案》。这份印刷物将展览关注的“创作过程”进一步扩展,既包括 Catherine 设计作品的呈现,也包括她的创作脉络和展览策展脉络的记录,作为展览的一种“延伸物”,由展览策展人段智华与艺术家 Catherine Griffiths 共同策划、编辑与设计,以 220 页的容量使用中英双语呈现,整理超过250张图稿,超过 50000 字的文本【包括来自 Leonardo Sonnoli(著名意大利设计师)、Liza Enebeis(荷兰登贝设计创意总监)、古平正义(著名日本设计师,FLAME inc.艺术指导)、孟鑫(有关设计部门创始人及创意指导)和 Anastasia Genkina(俄罗斯书籍设计师)五位国际设计师为展览特别撰写的文本,以及四篇解析 Catherine 设计哲学的过往采访和发表文章的精选】,详尽的将展览的策展过程以及 Catherine 过往三十年设计实践对文字设计(Typography)的思考向读者娓娓道来。

In October 2019, the exhibition »catherine griffith: Solo IN [  ] SPACE«, curated and produced by us, was exhibited at The Space Gallery in Shanghai. The exhibition was curated as the first solo exhibition in China for the internationally renowned New Zealand designer and typographer Catherine Griffiths. As a rare exhibition that focuses on the designer's creative process rather than the creative result as the main axis and clues, and is accompanied by rich work content, text and image files supplemented by the final works, it is contextualized or narrative space that can be read by visitors, it has been loved by many audiences both inside and outside of the profession. It also allows this famous designer who is on the "edge of the world" to enter the field of view of more Chinese audiences, and brings a different reference perspective to the field of typography.

After two years of fermentation and months of intense editing and design work, on the second anniversary of the exhibition, we released the book »Catherine Griffiths : Solo IN [  ] SPACE« – A documentation. This printed matter further expands the "creative process" that the exhibition focuses on, including not only the presentation of Catherine's design works, but also the record of her creation and exhibition curation. As an "extension" of the exhibition, it is co-planned, edited and designed by the curator Duan Zhihua and artist Catherine Griffiths. It is presented in both Chinese and English with a capacity of 220 pages. It organizes more than 250 images and more than 50,000 words [including 5 invitational essays from Leonardo Sonnoli (famous Italian designer), Liza Enebeis (Creative Director of Studio Dumbar, Netherlands), Masayoshi Kodaira (famous Japanese designer, art director of FLAME inc.), Scarlett Xin Meng (Founder and Creative Director of Related Department) and Anastasia Genkina (Russian book designer), as well as a selection of four past interviews and published articles analyzing Catherine’s design philosophy]. These contents tell readers in detail the curatorial process of the exhibition and Catherine's thoughts on typography in the past 30 years of design practice.

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