Visual Identity, Poster Design, Art Direction

The key visual and poster design for the event "The Far Sight Horizon - Norwegian Film Week", organized by Beyond Frozen Piont. The letter "N" was chosen as the core of the visual identity, derived from the initials of "Norway" and Polaris' focus on The initials of "Nordic" and the background. The negative space of the triangle above and below the letter "N" provides the context for two light projections: one by the red and blue colors of the Norwegian national symbol looking north to the "distant horizon", and one as a projection of the film's light from the north. In addition to the main poster, we also designed separate posters for each of the eight Norwegian films during the film week, taking one from each film and blurring the iconic tones and images to become the background of each poster, using blurred visuals to induce the desire to peek, and also directly present the atmosphere of each film. The simple yet recognizable colors and forms become the most powerful and memorable visual identity of the Norwegian Film Week.

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