概念指导、艺术指导、品牌命名、产品规划、双语字体标识设计、 视觉识别系统设计、文字设计、海报设计、双语文案创作

我们协助上海新式茶饮店“My Jinji 去听嗏”在品牌策略、品牌命名、产品规划、视觉识别系统设计、文案撰写与编辑等方面进行了完整的品牌化打造,并为其确定了充满音乐性的视觉与空间呈现概念,协助品牌依靠其自身优质的产品而成长为独具特色的主体型饮品街边店,在人潮汹涌的市中心拥有自己清晰且能够介入大众日常的品味。
Concept Direction, Art Direction, Brand Naming, Product Planning, Bilingual Identity design, Visual Identity System Design, Typography, Poster Design, Bilingual Copywriting

We assisted My Jinji, a new tea store in Shanghai, in brand strategy, brand naming, product planning, visual identity system design, copywriting and editing, and other aspects of the complete branding, and defined a musical visual and spatial presentation concept for the brand, helping the brand rely on its own high-quality products We helped the brand to grow into a unique and distinctive street-side drink store, with its own clear and accessible taste in the crowded city center.

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