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Brand Refresh
Visual Identity System

JsLP 健盛是一家在国际上领先的户外遮阳产品制造商,其产品经过精心设计,具备高品质标准。他们的专业设计师和工程师团队不断努力创造创新的设计,使产品不仅具有视觉吸引力,且非常易于组装和搭建。通过采用优质材料制作,JsLP的产品能够确保持久的舒适和享受。自 2011 年公司成立以来,企业不断扩大能力,逐渐发展成为在国际上户外遮阳产品市场值得信赖的领导者。

JsLP (Jian'shen Leisure Products) is a world-class manufacturer of outdoor shade products that are crafted with meticulous care and high-quality standards. They dedicated team of designers and engineers constantly strive to create new and innovative designs that are visually appealing and incredibly easy to assemble. Their products are made from premium materials to ensure lasting comfort and enjoyment for years to come. Since the company's establishment in 2011, they have consistently expanded our capabilities and emerged as a trusted leader in the market for outdoor shade products.

Pocca 这个项目中的实践旨在唤新 JsLP 的企业视觉形象以及建立全新的视觉识别系统,帮助品牌在全球市场的推广上更具竞争力。由于该品牌在推广过程中一直使用汉语拼音全称作为品牌名称,不易识别和阅读,我们首先将品牌名称更改为 JsLP(即 Jian’shen Leisure Product 的首字母缩写)。 在此基础上,根据 JsLP 的产品属性(不同类型的帐篷和遮阳篷),我们提出了“在地面享受天空”的概念,从而通过拟物的修辞为品牌创建出全新的视觉符号。搭配兼具企业制造业属性和户外用品特质的色彩与图像,不仅呈现了严谨可靠的精神,也呈现了户外生活的真实与乐趣。

Our practice in this project aims to refresh the brand image and visual identity systems to help the brand to be more competitive in the global market. Since the brand has been using the full name of Hanyu Pinyin as the brand name in the promotion process, but it is not easy to identify and read, we first suggested that they change the brand name to JsLP (that is, the initials of Jian'shen Leisure Products abbreviation). On this basis, based on JsLP's product attributes (different types of tents and awnings), we came up with the concept of "outdoor equipment for enjoying the sky on the ground" and used new brand visual symbols to match colors and images, which not only presented The rigorous and reliable manufacturing attributes also present the reality and fun of outdoor life.

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