我们为由Chopard 与 InStyle 联名在上海Ziwu志屋举办的 Happy Women 摄影展进行了展览方案的设计。展览挑选了来自不同领域的女性佩戴Chopard的不同系列与款式的手表,展现不同状态与职业语境下的女性的快乐与自信。由此,我们将象征指针的概念通过“T”字型的线条作为视觉线索贯穿展览空间,成为文字与图片在展览空间中遵守的基础网格,理性中又流淌着感性的愉悦,也将展览的主角交给摄影本身。
Exhibition Design

We designed the exhibition for the Happy Women photo exhibition organized by Chopard and InStyle at Ziwu House in Shanghai. Women from different fields were selected to wear different collections and styles of Chopard watches to show the happiness and confidence of women in different states and professional contexts. As a result, the concept of symbolic hands was used as a visual clue through the exhibition space through the "T" shaped lines, which became the basic grid for the text and pictures to follow in the exhibition space, with a rational but sensual pleasure flowing through, and the main character of the exhibition was given to photography itself.

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