来自英国伦敦的知名画廊柯芮斯画廊(Pilar Corrias)在今年的北京画廊周“艺访”单元呈现展览“红楼梦”,展出索菲·冯·海勒曼的新近同名系列绘画作品,以及里克力·提拉瓦尼最新创作的“盆栽”系列雕塑作品。冯·海勒曼持续发展其植根于文学的长期绘画实践,根据中国经典《红楼梦》创作了一系列探索历史虚构及当代现实的绘画。而与冯·海勒曼作品在主题及审美层面相互映照的,为提拉瓦尼富有空间性及建筑性的“盆栽”雕塑《无题2021(完美的吻)(一)》。后者为展览带来克制而独特的韵味,以一种抽象且具体的方式为冯·海勒曼的人物营造了恰当而梦幻的氛围。

Poster Design

Pilar Corrias, a well-known gallery from London, presents the exhibition “Dream of the Red Chamber” in this year's Art Visiting Unit of Gallery Week Beijing, featuring a new series of eponymous paintings by Sophie von Hellermann and a series of potted sculptures created by Rirkrit Tiravanija. According to the Chinese classic Dream of the Red Chamber, von Hellermann produced a series of paintings to explore the contemporary historical fiction and reality with Tiravanija's works in the theme and aesthetic level mutual reflections. The latter brings restraint and uniqueness to the exhibition, and in an abstract and concrete way to creates a fitting and dreamy atmosphere for von Heilemann's characters.

According to the unique and poetic concept of the exhibition, we select a special typeface for the English title and create the Chinese title typeface with the similar style. Based on this, we combined the virtual and real images to create the exhibition poster in a clear but obscure way.

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