概念指导、艺术指导、双语标识设计、版面及海报设计、门头设计、 文字设计、中英文双语文案创作与润色、摄影指导

DULi 度粒是一间甄选川菜口味精华,兼容世界各地菜肴风味灵感,创作亚洲融合菜的植物性料理餐厅。在此次项目中,我们在概念、设计、艺术指导、落地监理等方面进行了完整的工作。基于对整体用餐环境的考虑,为了不产生过度的视觉干扰,我们通过严谨克制的方式将餐厅兼容并蓄的东方气质与创意融合料理的特征呈现给热爱植物性料理新体验的食客,并最大化的将餐厅的故事交由“用餐”与“食物”本身娓娓道来。餐厅落地后当年,DULi 就被 That's Shanghai 评选为年度最佳素食餐厅,且收到餐厅层面与设计层面的广泛好评。
Concept Direction, Art Direction, Bilingual Logotype Design, Layout & Poster Design, Facade Design, Typography, Bilingual Copywriting, Photography Direction

DULi is a plant-based cuisine restaurant that selects the best of Sichuan flavors and creates Asian fusion cuisine inspired by the flavors of cuisines from around the world. In this project, we worked on the concept, design, art direction, and site supervision. Based on the consideration of the overall dining environment and in order not to create excessive visual distractions, we presented the restaurant's eclectic oriental atmosphere and creative fusion cuisine to diners who love the new experience of plant-based cuisine in a strict and restrained way, and maximized the story of the restaurant to "dining" and "food" itself. The story of the restaurant is told by the "dining" and "food" itself. The year after the restaurant opened, DULi was voted the best vegetarian restaurant of the year by That's Shanghai and received wide acclaim at both the restaurant and design levels.

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