Event Visual Identity, Poster Design

"City of Poetry–The 1st City Poetry Festival" is the first poetry-themed urban art and life festival held in Linhai, Zhejiang. In this project, we were invited by the organizer to design the visual identity, poster series, and the creation of materials and derivatives for the event. In terms of visual concept, we continued the initial idea of Calvino's "Invisible Cities" proposed by the event curator, trying to transform the whole event's message into a rhythmic poetry that wanders through words and symbols through a literal and symbolic visual texture.

"The secretive round lake, the hexagonal square, the giant snake-like walls, and the buildings washed by time constitute this invisible city. But these behemoths exist only to conceal its moving details. Each brick of that circular wall is inscribed with prophetic verses, and only the morning dew and the rain in the typhoon can make them appear ... These verses are the palimpsest of the city." –Prologue of the event

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