“XINTIANDI 新天地”品牌以20周年为契机,向全球创造者发起 CREATORS 100 计划,并在上海时装周之际推出 SOCIAL newsPAPER 特别版刊物以推荐来自艺术、时尚、设计、建筑、和社区活动等各个领域的创造者。同时也以合辑的方式推荐了4位荣获XINTIANDI新天地奖学金并在伦敦艺术大学中央圣马丁设计与艺术学院深造的时尚设计新势代。 我们受新天地的委托,为本期刊物的版面及视觉呈现进行整体的设计。在有限的篇幅中,试图用干净简洁的色彩与文字设计的方式传递出“先锋、可持续和开放的态度”。
Editorial Design

XINTIANDI is taking its 20th anniversary as an opportunity to launch the CREATORS 100 program for creators around the world, and is launching a special edition of SOCIAL newsPAPER on the occasion of Shanghai Fashion Week 2021 to feature creators from various fields including art, fashion, design, architecture, and community activism. creators from the fields of art, fashion, design, architecture, and community activism. It also features four new fashion designers who have been awarded XINTIANDI scholarships to study at Central Saint Martins College of Design and Art, University of the Arts London. We were commissioned by XINTIANDI to design the entire layout and visual presentation of this issue. In a limited space, we tried to convey a "pioneering, sustainable and open attitude" with clean and simple color and text design.

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