台州首届户外生活节“Gooooout 再外·浪个灵湖”是“Gooooout再外”旗下的自然艺术节品牌的第一季活动,以打造浙东南地区最有趣的户外综合集市为目标,辐射上海、杭州、温州、宁波等地,将野趣、自然的生活场景和丰富的活动形式相结合,引领全新的户外生活风潮。

我们以“毛毛虫”作为整个品牌和活动的视觉线索,来传递户外生活的自然、惬意、趣味、无拘无束与天真,并以“毛毛虫”为原型为品牌设计了具有趣味的视觉标识,延展至此次第一届活动的推广视觉的画面中。并且我们基于活动的气氛和户外活动的质地,为活动提出一个口语化的英文名称“YOLO !N LINGHU”。其中“YOLO”为“YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE”的缩写,意为享受当下,浪起来,与中文名称中的“浪”也成为配对的表达。
Concept Direction, Visual Identity, Event Naming, Bilingual Copywriting

Taizhou's first outdoor life festival "Gooooout · YOLO !N LINGHU" is the first season of "Gooooout" that is a natural art festival brand, aiming to create the most comprehensive outdoor market in Southeastern Zhejiang, radiating Shanghai , Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Ningbo and other places, combine wild and natural life scenes with rich activities to lead a new outdoor life trend.

We use "caterpillar" as the visual clue to build the entire visual identity system to convey the natural, cozy, interesting, unrestrained and naive of outdoor life. Based on the atmosphere of the event and its Chinese name, we proposed a colloquial English name for the event "YOLO !N LINGHU". Among them, "YOLO" is the abbreviation of "YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE", which means to enjoy the moment, wave up, and it becomes a pairing expression of the Chinese character "浪 (lang)".

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