WHO的数字卫生保健全球战略旨在改善全球各地所有人的健康,具体方法是加快制定和采用适当、方便、负担得起、可扩展和可持续的、以人为本的数字卫生保健解决方案,预防、检测和应对流行病与大流行, 开发基础设施和应用,使各国能够利用健康数据促进健康和福祉;并实现与卫生相关的可持续发展 目标,以及世卫组织《2019-2023 年第十三个工作总规划》所载的三个“十亿”目标。我们收到WHO瑞士总部的邀请,为该项目作为独立呈现提供了视觉识别及编辑设计的指导工作。
Visual Identity, Editorial Design

WHO's Global Strategy for Digital Health aims to improve the health of all people across the globe by accelerating the development and adoption of appropriate, accessible, affordable, scalable and sustainable, people-centered digital health solutions to prevent, detect and respond to epidemics and pandemics, developing infrastructure and applications that enable countries to use health data to promote health and well-being; and achieving the health-related We have been invited by the WHO headquarters in Switzerland to present our work on the WHO's digital health solutions. We were invited by WHO headquarters in Switzerland to provide guidance on the visual identity and editorial design for this project as a stand-alone presentation.

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