The Volume 是一个从事新媒体与交互艺术的创作团队,关注经由数字媒体创造城市空间中的密度,以“公共空间”、“建筑空间”和“展览空间”作为三种尺度讨论“开放气氛”、“嵌入气氛”、“封闭气氛”。

这套视觉识别以文字设计的方式回应 The Volume 实践中的三种特质:数字媒介、连结、空间体量。色彩上收到科学领域中对 “volume(体量/体积)”图表化表达中常用元素的启发,以此转译为对杂糅了理性、感性、未来感的实践特质的视觉呈现。与此同时,为了回应品牌“Making Air Tangible(让空气可见)”的理念,所有的版面通过以理性且纯粹的文字设计方式,制造出一种在空间中散播开来的“密度”,呈现出 The Volume 团队实践中在感性表达背后极具理性的思考与数字化制造。
Brand Concept Development, Visual Identity Design, Copywriting, Typography, Poster Design

The Volume is a creative team engaged in new media and interactive art, focusing on the creation of density in urban space through digital media, using "public space", "architectural space" and "exhibition space" as three scales to discuss "open atmosphere", "embedded atmosphere" and "closed atmosphere". 

The visual identity responds to three qualities of The Volume practice in a typographic way: digital media, connectivity, and spatial volume. The colors are inspired by the elements commonly used in the scientific field for the graphical representation of "volume", which translates into a visual representation of a practice that is a mix of rational, sensual and futuristic qualities. At the same time, in response to the brand's philosophy of "Making Air Tangible", all layouts are designed in a rational and purely literal way to create a "density" that spreads through space. The volume team's practice of rational thinking and digital production behind the sensual expression is presented.

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